Romance with grit.

Ready to work hard for that HEA?

New contemporary angstmance, serializing now!

Liliana is running from her past, desperate for a fresh start. Turns out, she’s going to need a lot of help, and she finds it—and more—in an unlikely place.

Slow burning, dual POV, and full of angst.

Read Wrong Number, a steamy slow-burn angsty forbidden romance featuring a hot doctor and a hot mess trophy wife. Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Praise for Wrong Number

“This book had me BEGGING for more with every single page!” Alexandria Lee, author of Unlawful Temptations

“An angsty roller coaster with some seriously realistic characters, you’ll love the ones you think you should hate and sympathize with those who’ve made big mistakes. Emily weaves a beautiful love story through the painful reality of mixed relationships, blended families and other complications.” -Emerald Aonghusa, author of You Can’t Go Home Again

"I'm laughing and crying? Jolie is my irreverent, (somewhat) extra soul sister, and Carson... Well, let's just say Emily has found the perfect  fusion of cinnamon-roll goo and daddy vibes. BRB, off to text a random number and hope my story is half as sweet."  -L.P. Tvorik, author of the Melody of Silence series

The Shotgun Collection

Available on all major retailers, including Radish Fiction!

Praise for Shotgun Cowgirl

"This story blew me away! Fast paced, exciting and raunchy there was never a dull moment. I recommend it to everyone!"

-AJ Rella, author of Never Tell Lies

"This novella moves fast, and will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more. I, personally, devoured it in one sitting. Lilian and Davien's chemistry is fun and funny, complemented by the author's dry wit, but both the characters and the story itself have enough depth to keep the reader invested throughout."

-L.P. Tvorik, author of the Melody of Silence series

"A short, action-packed, but ultimately, sweet romance, full of redemption, with themes of broken people learning to love again.”

-Teal Veyre, author of Desire and Destruction

Romance is more fun with friends.

This collaborative romance anthology is coming November 19th, 2021, and you don’t want to miss it! It’s a blend of clean but not always sweet romantic tales from a group of amazing authors that love love!

Sapphic Sweetness

If you’re not ready to take the plunge on the entire anthology, you can read The Wolf and the Barista for 99 cents on all major retailers!

Dark and Dirty Paranormal Romance

Rosalyn, aka RosieRainbow, is a video game streamer with a brand new mysterious game to try. But when she loads up King of Demons, she doesn’t expect to be teleported into a world of monsters and espionage and bloodthirsty demons that want to know what she is and where she came from.

Free excerpts on all major serial sites! If you want full first book, subscribe to Patreon or Ream via the link below!


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